Ethical Spotbrites 5 in 1 Laser Pet Clipstrip

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Don’t settle for an ordinary laser pointer when you can have the Ethical Pet Spot Laser Classic 5-In-1 Dog & Cat Toy. This cool laser projects five different laser hologram images that will delight your furry friends. Simply rotate the lens to change holograms and voila—your fur-bud can get excited over a whole new image to chase! Cats and dogs alike go absolutely batty for this laser toy. Comes with three replaceable batteries and a handy keychain clasp holder.

Key Benefits
  • A neat twist on the classic laser toy.
  • Choose from 5 different images to project.
  • Both cats and dogs go crazy for lasers.
  • Provides great interactive play and exercise for pets.
  • Comes with three batteries and a handy keychain holder.
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