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Higgins Morrocan Cafe 13 oz

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An exotic blend of rice and couscous, split peas, apples, coconut, raisins and ginger.

A nice flavorful break from conventional bird food.
Quick and easy to prepare — just add water and microwave.
All-natural, with no artificial colors or preservatives.
Serve beside or on top of conventional bird food.
The only thing missing from Higgins Worldly Cuisines Moroccan Café Bird Treats is a fez and a passport! Who said bird food has to be dry and boring? Just add a little water to a Higgins Worldly Cuisines pouch, microwave it briefly, and voila — you’ve got a moist and delicious rice-and-couscous dish laden with split peas, apples, coconut, raisins and ginger. You can serve it alongside, or on top of, your pretty girl’s usual meals to give her an exciting little break from routine.
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